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Doodle litters

5* rating with Wychavon Council

We breed several times a year. Please contact us or check out our planned litter page for more information

You can see all of our girls in the section 'here come the girls' at the top of the page.


Mobile Microchipping 

We offer a microchipping service for your puppies in the comfort of their own home. This ensures mum and her pups are relaxed so that the first injection they experienced is in a less clinical environment. 

We are fully qualified and insured.


Ultrasound scanning

Once mated, you will be eager to find out if your precious girl is pregnant. It is advised to have an ultrasound scan 30 days post mating to confirm pregnancy and have an estimate of pups due. This is another step closer to preparing yourself for the whelping process


Whelping Service

Having bred for nearly ten years, we are experienced in the whelping process, giving your pups the best start in life. We provide a round the clock care for your pups, particularly when they are on the go! We offer them an excellent square footage of space to explore the environment with a plentiful supply of toys and games to stimulate their development. 


Dog Grooming

We also offer a grooming service. We are particularly passionate about keeping our doodles looking as natural as possible. So if it is a teddy bear look you are after, we can help you!

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